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Unlike other financial markets, the foreign exchange market does not have a specific geographical transaction place, nor does it have a central trading platform, but operates in the form of an electronic network. between banks, businesses and individuals.

In this process, broker floor acts as an intermediary, an indispensable means of "communication". As foreign exchange trading grows, more and more brokers will appear in the market.

Inconsistency, lack of concentration, uncontrolled information are inevitable problems that occur in such an environment with such fast development speed. This weakness makes many investors in the foreign exchange field suffer unnecessary losses because it is difficult to distinguish fake information.

The foreign exchange industry can be said to be an important industry, having significant influence on the global economy as a whole.

The healthy and prosperous development in this industry environment depends not only on the ethics of the individuals involved but also of the media - the most agile information eyes, especially in the network world development era.

WikiFX as a leading foreign exchange media company, is still working day by day to fulfill its responsibilities.

WikiFX's biggest advantage for customers is to support them to learn, look up and choose brokers with just one click.

Information of controlling regulation of broker floor is one of the important reference factors that investors are interested in during this operation.

With the WikiFX application, they can get the most detailed, up-to-date and accurate information, including business time, license type, direct governing body, as well as the official website address of the Brokers' floors.

By gathering and consistent information, investors can largely determine whether or not the broker is reputable enough. Take the case of broker as an example:

From the database, can be found in the United States, owning a comprehensive license as well as retail foreign exchange licenses issued by control agencies such as NFA, FCA, MAS.

The control status has been evaluated positively, up to the present time there have been more than 15 years of business operation process, is an officially accredited broker with enough prestige for investors to choose.

In addition, information such as the actual ranking position and survey report conducted by the WikiFX survey team for can also be found here.

WikiFX digitizes the evaluation process for each broker floor in order to make it easier to track and provide investors with more comprehensive information.

The foreign exchange market always exists changes and improvements, reputable brokers are the object that investors aim to.

Based on an extensive database and an in-depth analysis, WikiFX provides a listing of brokers for advertising, a list of brokers that receive a lot of complaints in monthly categories based on figures. in fact, provide more valuable aggregate information.

WikiFX, a media unit, an individual in the foreign exchange industry, will always focus on the healthy, sustainable and prosperous development of this market.

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