What type of bank card should be in your wallet when studying abroad?

The demand for training in foreign environment of students is now very large. More and more friends are choosing to study abroad to gain knowledge and a more open learning environment. The best preparation is the knowledge, skills and a sufficient financial amount to cover your early days in a foreign country. And when you're on a plane, the amount of money you carry is limited, so it's important to choose which bank card to use before you go.

Reasons why you must have a bank card before going to study abroad:

You will go to advanced countries, developed to study abroad, and in those developed countries mainly use card to pay;
In Vietnam, there are many banks that open international payment cards, and this card can be used in foreign countries;
Foreign-branded banks operate quite well in Vietnam, so you can completely open a foreign-branded card to have that card paid for;
New to abroad, you do not know all the procedures, requirements or do not meet the eligibility to make a new payment card in the country of origin.
What type of bank card should be used?

Types of cards that customers open domestically and are used overseas are international payment cards. Currently, there are widely used international payment cards including Visa, MasterCard and JCB. These cards will most likely have prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards.

For international students, you should choose a debit card to use, because this is a card that can only be used when there is money left in the card, the money will be added to it. This will help international students control their spending. Moreover, in order to open a credit card, everyone needs to prove their stable income, otherwise you will have collateral.

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Currently, the countries that many students choose to study abroad have the US, UK, Japan ... For each of these countries, which type of bank card should be used?

International students in the United States

The United States is a country with a modern education and reputable schools suitable for research students for all fields. The type of payment card you can use when you go there is Visa and MasterCard. These two bank cards are from the US, and are issued in Vietnam as co-branded cards. Customers can choose from Citibank, this is a US bank, so when using this bank's card, customers will have better advantages. In addition, customers can absolutely make cards issued by major banks, because these international payment cards are fully accepted for payment in countries.

International students in the UK

Students studying abroad in the UK should open their HSBC card, which is headquartered in London. This is also a foreign bank operating quite strongly in Vietnam. Besides, customers can choose international banks such as ANZ, banks that offer many preferential card products such as Sacombank, Vietinbank, etc.

Japanese international students

The international payment card that international students should open in Vietnam when studying in Japan is the JCB brand card. This is a card originating from Japan, so when using this co-branded card when coming to Japan, international students will be more convenient.

International payment cards will be suitable for international students. However, once familiar with the environment, living and studying for some time abroad, each international student can research and choose for themselves a domestic payment card of that country. Domestic payment cards can save you unnecessary expenses such as withdrawal fees.

The choice to study abroad is a new path, and a reliable bank card will help you feel more confident when you come to your country to study and live.

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