The secret to winning a scholarship to study abroad 2020

You should actively participate in activities in the school or community, get high scores on ACT, SAT ...

University admissions officers will carefully assess GPA scores, courses, test scores, activities, letters of recommendation and interviews if required. American Study shares tips to gain admission to desired universities and to win prestigious scholarships.

- Get the highest score you can through all high school years. Score is a very important factor.

- Admissions candidates not only consider GPA, they also pay attention to important subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry ... or subjects related to your chosen field.

- Take SAT Subject Test (or SAT II) and AP Test. Competitive universities may require you to achieve some of these exams.

- Participate in school or community activities throughout the school year and summer vacation. You should invest in extracurricular activities, sports and community volunteering. Extracurricular activities will be the key to getting valuable scholarships from universities.

- Reduce stress by searching for university early. This will give you a reasonable time to research schools, complete applications, write essays and take the required exams.

- Receive ongoing support from school counselors and teachers. Bravely ask them no matter how simple your question.

- Practice SAT or ACT exam. Practice familiarizing yourself with the types of exercises in the topic and heading out. Identify the knowledge and skills you lack, master them for the real test. Students should take SAT and ACT preparation classes as early as grades 10 and 11 to allow time for them to become familiar with the questions.

- Standardized and English tests play an important role in every student's study abroad record. In addition, getting high scores on ACT and SAT exams is the key for students to win valuable scholarships.