Should children study high school early?

Currently, the issue of studying in US high school is not too strange for each of us. More and more parents are interested in their children's learning environment, they want their children to access early the best modern education in the world, in the US, creating a solid premise such as familiarizing the environment and literature. If you want to learn more about American life and study abroad early, your English will be better and not too much pressure for your child's future university education. With the high demand for sending children to high school, the cost is a matter of great concern to many parents. USIS Education will answer your questions through the article below.

Model of types of high schools in the US
The high school system in the US is almost the same as in Vietnam, from grades 9 to 12. There are a variety of models depending on the financial economy, training program, and the quality that parents can choose. for your children accordingly. And the American high school has a big difference that you like very much is that unlike in Vietnam, you have to study all the subjects that the Ministry of Education has set, in the USA you can choose subjects according to your interests in addition to Compulsory subjects such as math and English. So depending on your ability to study, you can enroll in classes that are lighter, or higher, without forcing you to get the right age to the right class.

public school - private school
Most public schools only require a TOEFL of 45 or higher, with some private schools accepting all levels of foreign language. GPA FROM 7.0 (on a 10-point scale), a hypoallergenic state According to the US government regulations, students on F-1 visas with friends planning to live and study in the US for 1 year may attend both public or private schools but only for a limited time. Most are 1 year, so parents should note these points.

Normally, the cost of public schools in the US is usually very low, only from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 / year as Saint Paul Lutheran High School has a tuition fee of $ 12,000 / year (not including meals, accommodation, other expenses), UTP High School has a tuition fee of $ 2,800, living expenses of about $ 28,000 / year. And this fee is only half or one-third of private schools, but the quality of training and infrastructure of private high schools is much better than public schools.

Day school - boarding school
To be as close as at home, the semi-boarding environment will be perfect for those who want to get acquainted with American culture and lifestyle. This helps you to integrate quickly, close and friendly with Americans. The day you come to school with new knowledge, in the evening you will be living with Americans like your foster parents. With a cost of only about $ 14,000 for food, accommodation, guardianship and support for international students, you will have a life of 1 year to study and experience with a host family.

As for boarding, if you want to participate in a lot of extra-curricular activities to stimulate the social mobility, the boarding environment is the best choice. Living and living on campus, using services such as gym, restaurant with extremely good living space. The cost of boarding school is as high as the value, parents have to pay from $ 45,000 to $ 65,000 / year.

Prestigious American high schools
Algonquin Regional High School: With many advantages having an enhanced support program, sport is a strong point, there are many clubs with many different types. Algonquin Regional is a famous public school that attracts many students around the world at a cost of $ 38,000 / year

King’s Way Christian Schools: Located in a beautiful land, mild climate. The boarding school costs about $ 27,200 / year, including scholarships for students. The school has more than 39 AP & Honors, 14 sports and 19 clubs. AP stands for Advanced Placement - the advanced placement program. Students taking this subject and class will be given quality prestigious exams and their study abroad record will stand out when attending college or applying for a job.

Orange County Public Schools: Located in Orlando, Florida, is a public school for both men and women. The annual tuition fee of $ 24,000 includes all living and studying expenses. Pass rate of up to 90% university result is a good quality, right?

Chaffey Joint Union High School District: public school ranked in the top 5 in sports, the school's teachers are professional, passionate and devoted to the students. Tuition is about $ 27,500 with 15 AP classes, with a university admission rate of 93%.

King’s Way Christian Schools: A private school in Washington state, the cost of $ 29,175 includes scholarship and approximately 10 AP classes. The school stands out for many sports, drawing to help students have a learning environment close to American culture.

Parkway Christian School: A school that can meet all the needs of the students, arouse the strengths of the students to develop their potential. At a cost of approximately $ 30,200, Parkway Christian has 10 AP classes, featuring many sports and arts.

There are many school models in the US that parents and students can refer to and decide, paying attention to their strengths and weaknesses to be able to choose the right school for them. And do not forget to consider the costs to invest to study abroad in an economical but most effective way. If you want advice on the latest information about studying in the US, please contact USIS Education immediately to receive dedicated advice.