A new way for international students to choose a high school in the US

The United States is a country with a diverse culture, developed economy and especially the world's leading education. For parents who want their children to get used to American culture and be well prepared for college, studying abroad in the US is an ideal choice. Therefore, in recent years, studying in the US at high school is gradually becoming popular and attracting attention to parents and students in Vietnam, especially high school. In this article, USIS Education will help parents and students to have a comprehensive view of the whole high school education in the US.

American high school education system
The high school education system in the US is a little different from the high school education system in Vietnam. Specifically, students in the US go to high school from the age of 14 to 18, and the class starts in 9th grade until the completion of 12th grade. At this stage, young people have mental, physical and thinking development. So many parents want their children to study abroad so that they can have access to a progressive educational environment. Especially at this age, going to the US to study is not as demanding and demanding as high as studying at a University, so obtaining a US visa is much easier.

A new way for Vietnamese students to choose a high school in the US
Most parents in the country so far have a common direction when sending their children to high school in the US is to choose schools located on the West Coast of the United States with a warm climate and a lot of community. Vietnamese people live. This of course is very good because it will help them to alleviate part of the nostalgia for the motherland. However, perhaps parents will be quite surprised to learn that high schools in the US that many families and children choose to study in the past 2 years are located on the East Coast where There are very few Vietnamese communities living but also home to 7/10 of the best universities in the United States.

The justification for changing this direction is not difficult at all. In this day and age, the children's early access to information resources, especially through the international English language centers in Vietnam they are attending, has helped shape their early access. world and connect multinational friends. Parallel to that, the goal that parents want their children to aim for is not just graduating from high school and then going to a normal university but also the prestigious universities, Harvard University. or Yale University for example. Because of this, they often send their children to high schools in the East Coast where there are many famous high schools in America.

Except CATS Academy Boston in Massachusetts, which is so famous and almost everyone knows this school is one of the doors to IVY League, there are still other names that the number of Vietnamese and international students in Vietnam. The increasing number of students shows the names of these schools. Typically, this is Saint Anthony's High School located about 1 hour from downtown New York by train, famous for attracting many local and international students because of the quality of their training or you have can choose Croix Lutheran High school is located in Minnesota, with small classes and international students also taking remedial classes at the dorm in the evening.

You should not miss two Wisconsin schools, Martin Luther High School and Wayland Academy. If Martin Luther High School is very strong in extracurricular activities and sports clubs and art for students, Wayland Academy is extremely famous for training when 100% of graduates are enrolled in schools in the IVY League or top 100. These are the points that students should not ignore when choosing schools to study in the US.

American high school student scholarship
Usually scholarships for international students in the US are provided by the schools they are attending. Almost all high schools here have their own international scholarship fund. These types of scholarships are often part-time financial aid scholarships, sometimes the entire tuition fee for international students, also known as the Merit Scholarship.

In addition, some famous high schools in the US often have other scholarship programs that are equally attractive. Typically, among them are CATS Academy Boston with about 15 Merit scholarships supporting from 20% to 50% of tuition, and 5 more IVY scholarships to support the entire tuition for international students. or as Wayland Academy with scholarships worth up to $ 30,000, is considered one of the most valuable scholarships in the US high school scholarship.

The relatively high scholarship system at high schools is an opportunity for Vietnamese students to study in high school in the US at a low cost thanks to scholarship hunting, this is not entirely difficult. What you need to do is determine the school you are going to, go to the school's website, find out about current scholarships, contact them for more details, and plan to immediately hunt for slots. Scholarship is right for me.

Activities at American high school
The US curriculum highly appreciates students' participation in extracurricular activities after school and places little pressure on grades and examinations. Usually in a semester a student will have 5 core subjects and electives. These subjects allow students to develop their forte in their favorite field, such as Music, Sports or Language, Science and Technology, ...

After school, students are encouraged to join school clubs or extracurricular activities. These activities range from climbing, camping, acting, playing sports to academic research, chess, photography, etc. This helps them develop life skills quickly when Participate in many forms of collective activities and independent activities

Conditions for studying American high schools
Every high school in the United States will have different conditions for studying abroad, but there are some things in common that need to be met:

Age from 14-19 and up, grades 9-12
Foreign language: Toefl or SLEP is at least 45 points
GPA: 7.0 or higher (calculated on a scale of 10)
Roadmap to study in America

For those who have completed grade 9 and grade 10 in Vietnam, they can enroll in grades 11 and 12 in the US and then go directly to an American University / College if they meet the requirements.

For high school seniors only in the US, high schools in the United States never grant students a one-year degree, and American universities do not recruit people who do not have a high school diploma. studying in grade 12 then going to college will create a good stepping stone for studying in American universities.

Profile study in America
F-1 students must prepare for admission to American high schools. Usually the documents that need to be prepared include:

Secondary school diploma translation and notarization
Transcripts or transcripts of the last 3 academic years of translation and notarization
School application
Health certificate: parents can take their children to prestigious medical facilities to examine and receive health certificates for the purpose of studying abroad.
5-10 portraits, white background
There are some schools that will require students to write individual essays. Students will present themselves, their hobbies, their families, their views about a problem in life to show their personalities and perspectives.
Letter of recommendation from the teacher
Certificates, certificates of merit, confirmation of extracurricular activities, contests.

Study in America with USIS Education
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