Open credit card while studying abroad in USA: Is it really necessary? International students in the US can open a checking account to pay for living and studying expenses. However, in the US, credit cards (Credit cards) are widely used as (if not superior to) cash, making opening a card almost an obvious choice. Without a credit card, you will have difficulty, even unable to do some things such as shopping online, renting a car, making a deposit ...Read More »

Credit cards are becoming more and more popular in Vietnam when they can completely replace cash in shopping, online payment, foreign travel ... This has led to a race of banks to attract customers to open credit cards and offer many attractive incentives for cardholders. But be careful if you don't understand credit card rules. Someone said that credit card is angel if you know how to manage and use it, but it will be evil if you use it for the wrong purpose.Read More »

Credit card is a type of card that allows the cardholder to borrow money from the bank with a credit limit allowed to make payments. As long as the credit card holder pays within the specified time (usually 45 days), there will be no additional charges for the card. If after this time, the bank will calculate interest based on the amount the credit cardholder spent on the bank.Read More »

When making online payment, you only need to enter the information printed on the card with the CSC number – card security code to be able to make the payment. If the cardholder shares this confidential information with many people, the risk of personal information theft is very high.Read More »

Everyone wants to own one of their credit cards for the sake of convenience in trade and financial control. However, not everyone can make a credit card. So, what are the conditions for making a credit card?Read More »